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About Us


We are Douglas & Victoria Miller and the Benkura Basenjis. We also have a cat, Tomsk; a Border Collie, Dougie & a German Shepherd, Megan.  Our Basenjis are: Benji, our first; Nakura, Chance & Trouper (Nakura’s babies). You can see pictures, pedigrees and show results of all the Basenjis on their own pages.

We got Benji from Janet Bannister, Kalrinda Basenjis, in early 2002. We became fascinated by the breed after seeing Jethard Cidevant winning BEST IN SHOW at Crufts in 2001. Benji was a wonderful addition to our rapidly expanding furry family and soon we wanted to get him a friend. We looked for almost 2 years before we found Nakura. She came from Helena Lane, Antefaa Basenjis, in early 2004. By now we were rather hooked on showing our dogs and started traveling further down the length of the country to attend shows. We had some success with Nakura and in 2006 decided we would like to have a litter from her.  She was mated to Bubas the Barnstormer in September of 2006 and 9 weeks later out popped 6 wonderful new baby Basenjis. You can see pictures of the puppies here.

From the litter, we kept Chance, Benkura Take a Chance on Me and Trouper, Benkura Super Trouper. Both boys have had great success at shows and Chance has since gone on to become a UK Champion and also gain his Show Certificate of Merit (ShCM). You can see more of their show successes on their own pages.

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